Eating Out/ Essen Gehen in Berlin

Eating Out in Berlin

A subjective list, mainly in Berlin. All opinions are my own, and not to be generalised.
An acquaintance once told me that if he were to come back on earth he wouldn't learn to cook, then he could enjoy eating out.

Essen gehen in Berlin

Eine bescheidene persönliche Liste von Lokalen hauptsächlich in Berlin nach eigener Erfahrung. Die Meinungen sind meine allgemeine, und subjektiv.
Ein Bekannter sagte mir mal "wenn ich wieder auf die Erde komme werde ich nicht kochen lernen, dann kann ich essen gehen geniessen".

Turkish, Small rest/ Döner takeaway. If you only ever once have a döner kebab, this is the place to go. Soups, daily specials (2017, less than 10€ including drink), grill. No alcohol. Cash only.
Turkish for visitors- in Oranienburgerstr and elsewhere. Medium price
Fred's Restaurant (L'Entrecôte)
French Brasserie, specials, Credit cards. Typical brassierie ambience, good food and wine, not cheap.
da Giuliano
Italian, street tables outside in summer, bit chic with tablecloths so a bit dearer. Waiters attentive and friendly. Lunchtime specials, fresh fish, standard italian done well. Decent italian wines.
Italian, plenty of tables outside in summer, medium prices. Waiters attentive and friendly. Lunchtime and evening specials, fresh fish, standard italian done well. Decent italian wines.
French bistro style, tables outside in summer, very small so book. Occasional events. Family run, evenings only. Rustic deco adds to charm.
Tegel German. Beer, wine or coffee, from breakfast to evening meals. Rustic style.
Chinese and Indian
Überall und Everywhere
I haven't found one yet in Berlin that combines authenticity with good service and ambience.
Do Indian at home with a jar of Patak's paste.
waiter Always looking for good price/food value. Or dearer places to have a good meal out with friends.
Immer auf der Suche nach einem guten Preis-Leistung Verhältnis. Oder wenn in Gesellschaft kann es etwas teuerer werden. Best lesson: get a good cook book!