Real Shops

Online Shops

Second Hand

  • Dealers often have PX and ex-demo gear, usually with guarantee
  • Specialist second hand shops give guarantee and maybe good prices
  • Private, at your own risk, but sometimes big savings


How any hifi system sounds   depends on a synergie of its components. Aim to try any good hifi at home before purchase

Der Klang einer Anlage ist eine Synthese der Einzelteile. Am besten zu Hause vor dem Kauf  ausprobieren.

DIY- Selbstbau

Strassacker: Lautsprecher - Boxen - Selbstbau

Online Mags

There are good and bad, and some are sponsored. The same goes for forums. You can only judge quality and bias for youself.

Es gibt die, die man traut, und die anderen, manche ist gesponsert; genauso mit Foren. Die Qualität von Informationen kann man nur selber bewerten.

Other Links

Siegfried Linkwitz- the Linkwitz- Riley filter is 1/2 named after him. Interesting on Hifi.

job in progressDie Hifiseiten sind noch in Bearbeitung The hifipages are still being worked on.