Curriculum Vitae


Born in the last century less then one light year away from where you are now,  excluding of course all 3 of you accessing this site via the galactonet. 
My education started early, but chances of quickly of completing studies in advanced number theory suffered through my competitive clog dancing, indeed I had to be content with being only able to attend the 4-dimensional geometry classes. And so it was that I became, almost through coincidence, terran 4-dimensional clog dancing champion.


I am responsible for the development of several redundant derivatory devices, the most famous of which was the p-Pod, available in any colour, so long as it was green. This evolved by some darwkinsian process, in my genetic environmental evolutionary development lab into the latest minidevices, the bean, the stalk, and lastly, of course the lentil, which is now available in brown, red and dark green.The latter is particularly robust, having been tested to unhitherto unknown limits in hot water.


I am now occupied in the post work phase, where I at least have time to have a proper breakfast before going out into the world (except on Tuesdays). And I now have time to think about a possible career.

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